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  •   This is our super clitoris pin that celebrates the clitoris as a BFF.  Did you know that the clitoris has no other known role for the female except pleasure and that it never gets too old or too tired to play? The clitoris comes in all different shapes, sizes, and sensitivity levels, but it is always there for us. It is truly our superpower feel good friend.  ich comes with a cute book. This character is featured in our book. Celebrate the clitoris by wearing her proudly. The pin measures 1 inch in height and width. It is metal and closes with a butterfly clutch pin. It comes packaged in an awesome one of a kind black acrylic glass-topped box which showcases all of her glory. She looks so cool in the box that she can stand alone on your bedside table to remind you of your BFF.

Super Clitoris Pin super clitoris pin clitoris pin clitoris brooch clitoris lap

SKU: 1180990804
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