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A Love Story

The Los Angeles Museum of Love was conceived and developed by Amy Sweetman, a Professor of Psychology who has spent over 25 years teaching Psychology, Neuroscience and the Psychology of Sexuality.  There are no outside funding or grant sources.   It is simply a fun, personal bucket list project that has been developed for the Los Angeles area.  The cost of the museum has been devised to cover the cost of running it. It is low tech and quirky- but a fresh change of pace!


time spent with us

 Reservations- You are allowed to be in the museum for 2 hours after you enter- but other couples may also be present in the museum.  Many people take more than two hours, so if you want to spend more time, please reserve earlier in the day.


Children-  We love children-the owner is a single mother of five beautiful boys.  However, this is not a museum for children.  We do not allow anyone under the age of 15 to enter the museum-(except for the Holiday Connection Exhibit- Lowest age- 9)  .  This is a museum where people come to connect.  We cannot have distractions from the dialogue.

(If you have a newborn that can sit through your two hour journey, we will make exceptions as we know that is heartbreaking to leave them, but if at all possible, we would encourage you to come alone so that all of your energy can be focused on one another. ) 

Please call us with questions 323 928 2272.


Our exhibit hours vary, but for most exhibits, we open at around 12-2 pm and the the last reservation will be at around 7-8 pm and closing time will be from around 9-10 pm.  We definitely will stay open 2 hours after your reservation time.  (Reservation time 7:30 - the earliest we would close is 9:30 pm)

When you purchase your tickets, it will offer the exact time slots available for the exhibit you are planning to attend.  We set our availability according to demand so we change regularly.  


All exhibits require a reservation- just click on the reservation link.  You should receive a confirmation email, but you do not need to print a ticket.  We will have your name at the front desk when you enter, you may need to show proof of purchase via the email.  


Our prices range for different exhibits, but the standard price is from around 29- 32 dollars per person and the exhibits last around 2 hours.  


There is free parking in the back of the museum - We have two lots- a small one behind the wooden fence and the east section of the large lot directly behind the fence.


You can cancel or reschedule your ticket any time 24 hours before your slot.  You should receive a refund a few days after your cancellation.  

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