A Love Story

The Los Angeles Museum of Love was conceived and developed by Amy Sweetman, a Professor of Psychology who has spent over 25 years teaching Psychology, Neuroscience and the Psychology of Sexuality.  There are no outside funding or grant sources.   It is simply a fun, personal bucket list project that has been developed for the Los Angeles area.  The cost of the museum has been devised to cover the cost of running it. It is low tech and quirky- but a fresh change of pace!


Due to changes caused by COVID, the museum is attempting to find a way to satisfy everyone's needs.  We currently have two types of tickets.  A safety ticket and a regular ticket.  The safety ticket is more expensive, but it allows you to be in the museum alone.  The regular ticket will host a few couples in the 3000 square foot space at one time. Please take note of this for safety precautions.  We have fluctuating hours according to demand.    It may be difficult to reserve same day tickets.  We are currently weekends and Mondays. 

Our reservations slots are:

Regular Reservations- You are allowed to be in the museum for 2 hours after you enter- but other couples may also be present in the museum.  Please note these are our reservation hours- we do not close until 2 hours after our final reservation.  Additionally, by allowing very few reservations, we are maintaining the safety capacity for the museum.  


Mondays - Thursdays

1-4:00 pm  (museum stays open until 6 pm)

Fridays 1:00- 5:00 pm ( museum stays open until 7 pm)

Saturdays 12:00 pm- 7:00 pm ( museum stays open until 9 pm)

Sundays 11:00 pm to 5:00 pm ( museum stays open until 7 pm)


Our current exhibit it s the Couple's Connection Adventure- January 22, 2021 Until  Mother's Day week May 5th.

Mother's Day Week May 5th- May 12th-  Bring your mother or your child ( 10 and older only)  This museum is inappropriate for anyone under the age of 10 please.

Upcoming Exhibit- Gay Pride- Opens June 9th through June 23rd.  


Please call us with questions 323 928 2272.