The Los Angeles Museum of Love creates a variety of different exhibits throughout the year, but they all have some things in common- they have been designed for an interactive experience that allows you to learn new things about one another.  Also, all of our exhibits have been designed to allow you to be in the museum for at least 2-hours)  Each exhibit is very different from the others.
We create the opportunity, you create the experience.  

Friends and Family for the Holidays

Couple's Connection Adventure

Runs from January 7- Sept 29 

Recent estimates show that the average person spends up to four hours a day on their phone, while spending only thirty minutes a day connecting with their partner. This is designed as a fun date night experience. Upon arrival, you will be presented with a memory book to keep as a cherished memento. Each activity is designed to help couples discover new insights about one another, and is often both enlightening and surprising.  Each couple is taken on a connection adventure, traveling through the stages of a relationship, learning and participating together in a series of interactive adventures and games at their own pace. You will travel through loneliness, romance, intimacy and, yes, even storms—but end your journey by playing games in the fun room.


Friends and Family for the Holidays

Gay Pride Connection

Runs for the month of June

In honor of Gay pride, we will re-make our couple's connection adventure to include information about the gay community and the rise of gay pride.  Bring your partner and ride the rainbow along with us.  

Friends and Family for the Holidays

Mother's Day Connection Celebration

For Mother's Day weekend, we will be transforming the museum from the Couples Connection Adventure to Mother's Day Celebration Space.  We will keep our basic premise of designing a unique space for connections, but during this special week, it will be tuned to the parent/ child connection- When is the last time that you truly spent hours of quality time with your mom, learning new things about her.   Come find out what is on your Mother's bucket list, what are the things that she most appreciates about you?  Compare your memories of your childhood?  Both of you will learn new, amazing things about one another that will undoubtedly surprise and inspire you.

You will experience things together, create things together, learn things together and most of all make memories together.   Make this a Mother's Day to remember forever.  

Friends and Family for the Holidays

Crimes of Passion

Runs from October 6- October 31.  

By far our most creative exhibit.  

We unleash our dark side.  Everything is still interactive and designed to produce connection, but it is now around dark topics.  Come play our death jenga, stab the heart of the lover, find out which of you is the murderer and which of you is the victim.  Test your target practice and your ability to do things blindfolded and in hand cuffs.  We promise there is definitely nothing like this anywhere!