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Plan your visit

Plan Your Visit

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Special Adventure For Just The Two Of You


At the Los Angeles Museum of Love, we believe that love is a journey worth celebrating, and we invite you to join us on this adventure.Embark on a self-guided journey through the various stages of a relationship. Navigate through romantic discovery, confront reality,  weather storms together, and embrace the continual evolution of your bond.

Explore our diverse array of over 50 activities available for you to enjoy during your visit. While your ticket grants you access for a two-hour period, early scheduling allows for extended stay.


Upon arrival, you will be presented with a memory book to keep as a cherished memento. Each activity is designed to help couples discover new insights about one another, and is often both enlightening and surprising.  Each couple is taken on a connection adventure, traveling through the stages of a relationship, learning, and participating in interactive adventures and games at their own pace. You will travel through loneliness, romance, intimacy, and, yes, even a storm, but end your journey by playing games in the fun room

The museum is a celebration of human connection. A large 3000 square foot building houses various exhibits that are all interactive.  The museum creates experiences that foster human connection.  It is low-tech and relies on simple interaction to fuel its energy.

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Please note that we strictly adhere to a firm closing time, set at 2 hours past our last reservation slot in the evenings. Our opening hours vary according to reservation times. Should your desired reservation time not be available, feel free to reach out to us directly for potential accommodations, we strive to be flexible to meet your needs.  


Relationship experts suggest that couples schedule at least two hours of dedicated face-to-face date time to nurture strong bonds. Both of our adventures are meticulously crafted to provide couples with enjoyable experiences while strengthening their connection.

  • Is there a guide?
    No, there isn't a guide. You have the freedom to choose which activities you'd like to participate in.
  • Can we take pictures in the museum?
    Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to capture your memories. You'll also receive a memento book to help document your experience.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes, we offer a 15% military discount (please call for details) and a 15% social media discount. Additionally, you can receive 25% off anything in the gift shop by sending us a picture and a brief statement from within the museum.
  • Is there anything I should bring?
    No need to bring anything, including a ticket! Once you register, we'll have your name on our list.
  • How should I dress for the museum?
    Dress however you're comfortable. Since there's more sitting than walking, feel free to dress up for a date or keep it casual for a relaxed experience.
  • Are there any other fees associated with the museum?
    No, once you're in, there are no additional fees. However, we do have a gift shop where you can purchase polaroid pictures and have fun with our vintage photo booth.
  • What is Crimes of Passion? Is it part of the Museum of Love?
    Crimes of Passion is our companion exhibit, exploring the darker side of love through interactive activities based on real-life crime cases. You can purchase a dual ticket at half price to explore both exhibits at your leisure.
  • Is there any food available at the museum?
    We provide complimentary tea, hot chocolate, and bottled water. Snacks may be available in the gift shop, but we recommend eating before or after your visit.
  • What about parking?
    Parking is currently free and located at the back of the museum. We have a spacious lot accessible via Heliotrope.
  • Do you recommend this place for a first date?
    While the Museum of Love offers a unique opportunity to deepen your connection, we advise caution for first dates. If you're confident in spending two hours together, it can be a fantastic experience to explore
  • What is the average length of stay at the museum?
    We find that the average visit lasts about 2.5 hours, with the longest recorded visit being 6.5 hours.
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