The Los Angeles Museum of Love has Re-Opened for Reservations

The Los Angeles Museum of Love invites YOU to celebrate human connection in our multi-room museum filled with interactive activities.

COVID PROTOCOL - Attendees Must Wear Masks  

All Exhibits Will Be Sanitized After Each Entry.  

There are No More Than 10 People in a 

3000 sq ft Space at All Times.


We Are Remaining Open Due to the 

Intimate Nature of Our Experience

Current Exhibit


EXHIBIT DATES-11-13-2020  THROUGH   1-30-2021

Special Holiday Hours Thanksgiving Week 2-4 pm every weekday!

The Los Angeles Museum of Love is a space built solely to inspire human connection and fun.  Our holiday exhibit was designed to bring together different family generations (ages 10 and above) and offer creative, new experience for  groups of friends.  The building houses a wide range of original activities where connection is the key.  You will be shipwrecked, create a totem,  travel down memory lane in the time machine, play exquisite corpse, rehash 2020, annihilate negativity, solve a human maze and play a variety of other interpersonal games.  The focus of this exhibit is happiness.  Along with surprising adventures, you will create special art work that can be kept as special mementos and learn about the science of joy!  The Los Angeles Museum of Love is one of the quirkiest places in Los Angeles-  come enjoy something wholesome, technology free and refreshingly new. 

For this exhibit, you will purchase individual tickets at 5 minute time slots.  Each person will purchase a DIFFERENT TIME SLOT, however, YOUR GROUP WILL ARRIVE AND ENTER AT THE SAME TIME.  

The different time slots are to maintain our very limited attendance at a maximum of 12 people in the museum at one time.

COVID protocol-  MAX 12 people in 3000 square feet- 5 separate rooms.  

Reservations will be made through ticket purchases.  

No walk-in tickets will be sold due to the necessary timing of the event to allow for the individual couple experience.


or call us at 323 928 2272.

We are located at 4320 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90029  

Nearest cross streets- Melrose and Vermont

Free Parking in the back of the Museum

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