The Los Angeles Museum of Love has Re-Opened for Reservations

The Los Angeles Museum of Love invites YOU to celebrate human connection in our multi-room museum filled with interactive activities.


Connection Adventure


Bring your partner and engage in interactive activities that allow you to connect in new ways!  This adventure is designed for dating couples or good friends.  For example, do you have a couple's bucketlist?  Do you know what your partner would salvage from a shipwreck.  How does your partner see themselves on the playground as a child?  What style house would your partner choose?  What are your partner's favorite memories of your time together? 

This ticket is for 2 people for 2 hours in the museum. You will receive a memory book and have access to a wide variety of take home materials.  Reservation only.  

10 people maximum in the museum at all times due to COVID precautions.  Must wear mask.  

$49 for two people

Crimes of Passion Adventure

9/25/2020- 11/1/2020

Death and Love Intertwine- there will be a Crime of Passion! Partners (friends, family, acquaintances, or lovers) will turn against one another and compete to see who is the murderer and who is the the victim. This exhibit is psychologically chilling and may be offensive to many individuals. IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE You should only consider attending if you are okay with darkness, uncertainty, and scenes of mutilation and depravity. Do not attend if you are not psychologically prepared for these elements....... you will be sorry. For our Halloween exhibit.  We are unleashing our dark side. 

This ticket is for two people for 1 hour in the museum.  You will receive "INTERESTING" swag to take home from your adventure.  

Reservation only.  

10 people maximum in the museum at all times due to COVID precautions.  Must wear mask.  

$49 for two people

Friends and Family Connections

11/06/2020- 01/10/2021

What are we going to do for the holiday season this year?  Movie theaters have been the typical family go to, but we do not think they will be available this year.  We have your solution.  We have seven rooms for families to play unique, interactive games.  You will learn new things about one another.  Bring grandma, grandpa, your aunts uncles and whomever else you want to spend time with and have a ball.  This ticket is for one person, you will need to make reservations with us.  Each ticket will cover a 5 minute time slot in order to limit the amount of people in the museum at one time.  The museum is 3000 square feet and we have separated the activities into 6 different rooms with time limits in order to provide an adventure where you have very little  contact with other guests. 

Reservation only.    Must wear mask.  

$22 per person

Attendees Must Wear Masks  

All Exhibits Will Be Sanitized After Each Entry.  

There are No More Than 10 People in a 

3000 sqft Space at All Times.


We Are Remaining Open Due to the 

Intimate Nature of Our ExperiencE​

Reservations will be made through ticket purchases.  

No walk-in tickets will be sold due to the necessary timing of the event to allow for the individual couple experience.


or call us at 323 928 2272.

We are located at 4320 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90029  

Nearest cross streets- Melrose and Vermont

Free Parking in the back of the Museum


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