Celebrating the Adventure of Connection 
We create the opportunity- You create the experience
Bring a partner and spend two hours connecting in new ways!


The museum is a celebration of human connection. 
A large 3000 square foot building has been
transformed into the metaphorical stages of a
relationship and acts as a g-rated adult
playground.  Our world today is filled
with distractions from connection.  This is an
oasis where the sole focus is togetherness.  
We invite you to come to celebrate one another
and build connections in our multi-room venue that
is packed with a variety of interactive activities that range from whimsical to
enlightening. For example, Do you know what your partner would salvage from a
shipwreck?  If your partner had to choose between the words ketchup and mustard,
do you know which one they would choose and why?  How does your partner see
themselves on the playground as a child?  What are your partner's favorite
memories of your time together?  Do you have a couple's bucket list?
The museum is designed to foster the enjoyment of one another, and it is
appropriate for adults of all ages and partners of any type or at any
stage in their relationship.



Current Exhibit




               Runs from January 22- September 26  


                 Recent estimates show

              that the average person

             spends up to four hours

            a day on their phone, while spending only thirty

          minutes a day connecting with their partner. This is designed as a fun date night experience. Upon arrival, you will be presented with a memory book to keep as a cherished memento. Each activity is designed to help couples discover new insights about one another, and is often both enlightening and surprising.  Each couple is taken on a connection adventure, traveling through the stages of a relationship, learning, and participating in interactive adventures and games at their own pace. You will travel through loneliness, romance, intimacy, and, yes, even a storm, but end your journey by playing games in the fun room.

Future Exhibits 

Crimes of Passion- October 1-31st. 

We are going to take a break from our most popular love connection

adventure and unleash our dark side! Crimes of Passion is arguably

our most creative exhibit.  

Everything is still interactive but for the month of October, you are

pitted against each other and forced to examine your trust in one another.

How well can your partner lie?  Just what are they capable of? 

What are they willing to put you through?    


There will be life cards, there will be blindfolds and handcuffs, there will be electric shock, there will be a hunt, there will be a murderer and a victim.   You will race against each other and against the clock while re-enacting some of the most famous crimes of passion.   We promise there is definitely nothing like this anywhere!  We have to raise our price a little bit for this exhibit because it requires more staff and you walk away with gifts such as a black heart, a set of handcuffs, and a blindfold all to have fun with after the experience:)  Trust us..... it will be worth it.  



Hours of operation


Mon- Thurs 12-8 pm (last reservation 6 pm)

            Friday   11-9 pm (last reservation 7 pm)

                             Saturday 11-9 pm (last reservation 7 pm)

Sunday 11-8 pm (last reservation 6 pm)



Couple connection ticket- Couples enter at

15 minute intervals-ticket is for 2- hours.

If you would like to stay longer than 2 hours,

please reserve earlier in the day.

 There will be a hard close at closing time. 



 Reservations will be made through ticket purchases.  

You may call for walk-in availability.



or call us at 323 928 2272.

                                   We are located at

                                     4320 Melrose Ave.                                         Los Angeles, CA 90029  

                                Nearest cross streets

                        Melrose and Vermont



                                             Free Parking in the

                       back of the Museum

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