Crimes of Passion 

When love turns to darkness.
Can your relationship withstand our test

Our Halloween Adventure
Runs from October 1st- October 31st.


Ticket is for two people-  maximum of 2 hours from arrival time $64


The museum is a celebration of human connection. A large 3000 square foot
building houses various exhibits that are all interactive.  The museum creates
experiences that foster human connection.  It is low-tech and relies on simple 
interaction to fuel its energy.   We have a range of exhibits throughout the year.
The most famous exhibit and the cornerstone of the museum is the Couple Connection
Adventure which is specifically designed for people who are in a close
relationship.  However, we like to change things up and offer experiences for a
broader range of humanity so for Halloween, we unleash our dark side, for the
holiday season, we cater to Friends and Family and we also offer a Mother's Day
Connection Adventure along with special activities during the month of June to
celebrate PRIDE.  





Crimes of Passion- October 1-31st.

Reservation only- No walk-ins as the exhibit is heavily sequenced.

We are going to take a break from our most popular love connection

adventure and unleash our dark side!

Everything is still interactive but for the month of October, you are

pitted against each other and forced to examine your trust in one another.

        How well can your partner lie? 

        Just what are they capable of? 

        What are they willing to put you through?    


There will be life cards, blindfolds, handcuffs, electric shock, hunts, and there will be a murderer and a victim.   You will race against each other and against the clock while re-enacting some of the most famous crimes of passion.   We promise there is definitely nothing like this anywhere!  We have to raise our price a little bit for this exhibit because it requires more staff and you walk away with gifts such as a black heart, a set of handcuffs, and a blindfold all to have fun with after the experience:)  Trust us..... it will be worth it.  

Exhibit Dates

Crimes of Passion -October 1st- October 31st


Friends and Family-  November 10-January4th


Couple Connection Adventure - opens January 7, 2022


Mother's Day Weekend Exhibit- May 22


Pride Exhibit- June 2022













Hours of operation-


Crimes of Passion Exhibit

7 days a week 2-10:30 pm

(last reservation 8:30pm)





We are located

at 4320 Melrose Ave. 

Los Angeles, CA 90029  


 Nearest cross streets


Melrose and Vermont




Free Parking in the

back of the Museum


 Reservations will be made through ticket purchases.  



or call us at 323 928 2272.

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