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  •   Dopamine is a chemical that is believed to be involved in a variety of behaviors such as: love, attention, satifaction, addiction and movement. Many addicting drugs work by altering the activity of this chemical. Perhaps by seeing it regularly, you could experience a form of placebo effect:) In any case, it may be fun to educate the non-knowing who will repeatedly ask- what is that-- then you can explain--- then they can say- hmmm..... interesting, or cool, or sweet-- whatever.

    Our sticker is made of weather proof vinyl. It comes in 3 different colors to meet your needs. Please select when checking out. Each sticker comes with instructions that are easy to follow. It is a similar process as putting on a temporary tattoo.

    Once you put it on a surface, it is removable, but not re-usable-- as removal will damage the sticker.

    Made of all weather vinyl
    Measures approximately 4 by 2.5 inches
    Easy to apply and comes with instructions
    Removable but not re-useable
    Can be used on laptops, lockers, IPADs, walls, windows etc.

    Dopamine Vinyl Sticker -the molecular structure of dopamine cut into a vinyl st

    SKU: 159310680
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