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  •   Our clitoris plush is a fun way of uncovering some of the secrecy of sexuality. The clitoris is typically not a topic of conversation, but now with the doll, we can laugh and learn together. Most of our clitoris is inside of the body, the clitoris is made of the same tissue as the penis, it is never too old or tired to play and it is believed that its sole purpose is to bring pleasure. It's always there and ready to go making it truly our best friend forever. The doll measures approximately 6 inches-- the size of the average clitoris, and it has a removable hood. It comes with a cute book that details some interesting facts about it and it is packaged in a bag with its own special ribbon. It is truly a fun gift for yourself or for any of your clitoris loving friends.

    Clitoris Plush

    SKU: 1194935029
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