Your Experience

The Los Angeles Museum of Love is one of the most original and  quirkiest places in Los Angeles.  Imagine you go to a small town and find and interesting place that is completely designed by a single person for the sole reason to serve as an interesting venue for visitors.  That summarizes this place up.  It is a space that has been crafted with Love to allow people to have a unique experience.  You will not find a completely down to earth, small town, human vibe here.  

When you arrive for your specific time slot, you will be greeted and given a memory book to help you record your adventure.  You will then embark on a journey of activities that you do together as a couple.  You will proceed through the museum at your own pace. Entries are staggered so that each couple can have space to be with one another in an intimate setting.  The entire museum is designed to be an active experience where you connect with one another by participating in engaging and enlightening activities.  All exhibits are professional and are appropriate for all ages and belief backgrounds.  However, this is a museum for adults.  It is designed to be a connecting experience.  We may allow very small infants that are less than 6 months old, but we do not allow young children.

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