The Full Story


About Our Holiday Connection Adventure


Holidays are rituals designed to create connections and offer opportunities to break free from our daily routine. We wanted to celebrate all holidays during the holiday season. 

The Los Angeles Museum of Love is not a looking museum, it is a doing museum.  All exhibits are interactive and designed to create interesting opportunities to connect in different ways.  Exhibits are G-rated.  


First, you will enter our spirit realm and create your own totem pole together, then you will enter Christmas Past

where all activities focus on things that have happened in your past, next, you will move to the Christmas present where it will be all fun and games-  (Los Angeles Museum of Love style of course).  Finally, you will head into Christmas future where all activities will center around your future possibilities. 


Although we modeled the core of the museum after the components of the famous Christmas Carol story, the exhibit is a celebration of all holidays.  We have included Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ground Hog Day, Easter, Mother's and Father's Day, Halloween, Summer Vacation, Day of the Dead, Labor Day, Memorial Day and many more.  

As part of your adventure, you receive:

  • a free memory book to record your adventure

  • access to free tea and water 

  • multiple take away activities such as a holiday ornament created uniquely by you

  • unique art work that is created by you and is frame worthy!

  • a wish jar designed by you as a new holiday tradition for yourself

  • exquisite corpse spiral art,

  • patterns calendar,

  • a survival kit to be used in the museum or taken home

  • An unforgettable experience to add to your memory vault.  


The museum is human designed and human made.  It is a quirky space that is designed to foster the beauty of human connection.  Most people spend around 2 hours in the museum, but we have seen many take much more time in the space.  If you think you would like to spend a lot of time in the museum then please register earlier in the day as there will be a hard close two hours after our last registration time.